Our Mission

To feed those remaining survivors of the Holocaust and the Jewish poor of Eastern Europe, and make the remaining years of their lives as comfortable as possible

We have soup kitchens throughout Ukraine serving regular nourishing meals to 1400 people every day.  

**We were closed in March, April and May 2020 due to COVID-19 and are now open for as long as the authorities will permit.  When the soup kitchens are closed, we distribute food parcels to everyone which are considerably more expensive.  Your support is more critical now than ever.


  • Refugees from the conflict have no documentation: Most olim come to us with only what they can carry and none of the necessary resources or documentation for immigration.
  • We are the lifeline to help refugees get necessary papers for immigration: We support olim throughout the process of obtaining documentation, administrative processes, and paying for passports.
The deteriorating economic situation and the rise of antisemitism in Ukraine are significant factors influencing the difficult decision of Ukrainian Jews to immigrate to Israel.  For many of the people served by Chevra, there simply are no other choices to their extreme hardship but to create a new life in their ancestral homeland.  

Chevra provides assistance with the immigration process in the Ukraine and partners with other charitable organizations on the ground in Israel to facilitate the necessary paperwork, transportation, transitional housing, and in some cases medical care, for the Ukrainian Olim to find stability and hope.
from our team on the ground in Ukraine
We have helped hundreds of olim from the war zone to make aliya. Most of the people do not have passports or any other documents on them. We helped physically and sometime financially with buying international passports and obtaining various documents for Sochnut (Jewish Agency for Israel.) Alexander, a young man from Shakhtersk who walked to the closest city, said he left Shakhtersk, walking through the dead bodies.
He had been with his parents under the fire of guns. Like so many, when he arrived in Kiev, he had only what he could carry.  He came alone to Kiev with just a plastic bag, without a change of clothes, and with one pair of sandals. His parents stayed in the Zaporizhe region. On his arrival we filed to make his international passport, gave him housing in the health center with food.  Because of the help of donors, he arrived safely in Israel!
  • We'd love to speak to your group: Speaking to groups is the most effective way to engage people in the mission of Chevra
  • Contact us: We will work with you to co-create an event that educates, entertains, motivates and inspires.
  • COVID-19 Considerations: We are able to run live zoom meetings with Q&A sessions for your group as well as webinars.
  • Synagogues, community organizations, and church groups:  We'll create a program that is appropriate for your community. 
Chevra focuses on education and community building both in Ukraine and in the US to raise awareness of the plight of Jewish Holocaust survivors and Jewish people impacted by the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine that began in 2014.  

You are an important part of this pillar.  By inviting us to speak to your community or congregation in the US, you make it possible for dozens, even hundreds, of supporters to join us and let the people of eastern Europe and Ukraine know they are not forgotten.  We can accommodate groups  and events across the US via live Zoom links and a very limited number of in-person engagements as COVID-19 restrictions permit.

Our volunteer network in Eastern Europe provides opportunities through our soup kitchens for people to congregate, celebrate and enjoy learning as well as entertainment. 
On average, each educational event in the US enables us to feed 8 people for a year.
food security in Ukraine
Imagine having no idea where you will find a meal, when your only income is a government stipend that pays the rent for a tiny apartment and nothing more.  Our soup kitchens provide hot, nourishing meals for 1400 people five days a week in the Ukraine, as well as the opportunity for social interaction.  On weekends, and during COVID-19 lockdowns, we provide food parcels for people to take home.  It costs us about $33 a month to feed someone for the month - less than the cost of a dinner out for fast food for a family of four here in the US.
The soup kitchens become the locus of community, restoration and hope in a time when isolation can be severe. It is estimated that there are more than 125,000 displaced and in need of hot meals.  Your contribution helps our delivery of meals to grow to serve more people day-to-day and month-to-month.
For $33 a Month, we can provide hot, nourishing meals for one person for a month through our soup kitchens that feed both body and spirit.



Chevra also supports other humanitarian efforts in the Land of Israel, providing aid to victims of terror attacks.  Our humanitarian mission is extended through groups whose mission is to supply humanitarian aid stations all over Israel — for new immigrants, the homeless, unemployed and single-parent families. We also supply to hospitals, children’s welfare villages, the IDF, Holocaust Survivor centers, facilities for the disabled and other institutions.
It isn't often you have the opportunity to make the difference between life and death for someone else
The armed conflict between Russian and Ukraine began in 2014 and created over 120,000 refugees. The most destitute of these include families with children, the elderly, former professionals - whose lives as they knew them were wiped out.

Today we are able to feed about 1,400 people a month.

Our humanitarian aid warms them, feeds them, lifts their spirits, helps to house them. It is a life-and-death difference - for just $33 a month per person.

The need is very great. Please be a hero and join us.

- Dr. Michael Schiffman, Chevra USA

Chevra USA  P.O. Box 632214 Littleton, CO  80163-2214
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