The Power of YOUr Kindness to save lives in ukraine
One elderly couple told me they were having breakfast and they were disturbed by a loud knocking on their door. Russian soldiers were there and told them since they were for Ukraine and not Russia, they had to leave immediately. They gathered a few belongings and found themselves out on the street walking with many other people. They heard loud noises from artillery and saw their apartment building being blown up. As they walked along the road, not knowing where to go, a van packed with people picked them up and they were driven many hours to Burdaynsk, where they were left on the beach. A woman saw them and let them say in her home for a week in exchange for their jewelry. They contacted their daughter and the government, and found a small, cheap apartment. The government sent their pension money to them, and their daughter helped, but they had very poor furnishings, and no food. They had to pay for their medicines. They are coming to our soup kitchen five days a week. They had nothing.
- Report from Dr. Michael Schiffman in Ukraine
Dear Chevra, shalom!  

I would like to give you a short update on the situation in Crimea. Currently the economic situation in Crimea is very difficult and continues to get worse almost every day. It has especially affected medicines, the prices for some medicines rose five to seven times yet the Russian analogues are considerably inferior compared to the Ukrainian counterparts. The most critical situation is with the medicines. Therefore we bring the medicines from Zaporozh’ye and Kirovograd. The food prices rose two to three times. The government gradually raises the utility costs to bring them to the same level as in other parts of Russia where the utilities are four to five times higher than in Ukraine. During winter another area of concern was coal and wood supplies for heating, but today it is not relevant. We buy food supplies for people in Simferopol, and there we pay for their utilities. Many members of the congregation lack funds for either. We expect big problems with water in the near future, since Dnieper water is no longer provided to Crimea, which may result in the shortage of water in the Crimean dam lakes. Because of all this many people lack funds to pay for the medical supplies, grocery products and utilities. We, by God’s mercy, have resources to share in their needs, thanks to your donations As a result new people have started to attend the congregation services. People are very grateful for the help they receive from the L-rd via your ministry, it enables them to improve living conditions, maintain health and some cases even life. I also want to thank you for funds that you send to me and Vova as they enable us to minister to God in Crimea for His glory. May God bless you.
- Chevra volunteer in crimea
My name is Eduard Mikhailovich Kazakin. I’m 51 years old. I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. I’m writing this letter on behalf of all my family including my spouse Nina, my son Michael, his spouse Oksana and their two daughters Anna (7 years) and Victoria (2 years), our daughter Olga and her husband Andrew, and their children Artem (6 years) and Lillia (4 years). 

All of us were born and raised in Donetsk. We studied and grew up in Donetsk. Studied, worked, raised our kids and grandkids. Probably you already know Donetsk became one of the centers of military activities. It became dangerous for your life to stay there. We became witnesses how industrial and cultural areas of the city are being destroyed and how peaceful citizen of the city die. We all are hoping for the end of this unannounced brother killing war. But even now it is obvious that to restore the region it will take years and may be even decades.

In this situation we can see only one solution for ourselves, our kids and grandkids: repatriation to the historical motherland, to the country of Israel. On behalf of all the members of our family, let me express sincere thankfulness to you and your assistants for the given organizational and financial support for our family during the time of preparation and directly with repatriation: we were given nice housing in the suburbs of Kiev, organized food during our stay in Kiev, organized transportation to the railway station in Kiev, consulate appointment, we were given a financial help, moral (sic) help and psychological help. As a result, our son Michael with his family is in Israel in the Karmiel city from August 3rd. My daughter and her family successfully went through the consulate appointments and received a right to repatriate. We should leave on September 21, 2014. Let me show my gratitude one more time for the attention from every area for every member of our family in such a difficult period of life for us. I wish you and your team health, peaceful heavens and happiness. With all respect,
- Eduard Kazakin

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