Dr. Michael Schiffman
Executive Director
Your Support for the people of Ukraine is more important than ever
An update from Ukraine
Written on December 24th, 2022
In spite of the fact that the War in Ukraine is not in the news very often anymore, the reality is that the war has been continuing. Our friends in Zhytomyr told us this is the worst war they have been in since World War II.  

There are tens of thousands of dead Ukrainian civilians and soldiers. Houses, schools, infrastructure, and the economy have been destroyed. Chevra USA provides humanitarian and charitable assistance to the poor, orphans, people with disabilities, families with many children, the elderly, refugees, and migrants.  

Before the war, we operated soup kitchens in 35 cities. Today there are 25 soup kitchens. 350 people eat in 4 soup kitchens in Zhytomyr. There are 8 soup kitchens in the Zhytomyr region, feeding another 312 people. There are 13 soup kitchens in other cities in Ukraine. Over eleven hundred people get full hot meals every day. For people who, for health reasons, can not leave their homes, meals are delivered to their place of residence.  We are even delivering food and means of light and warmth to people sheltering in structures with no electricity.

Different types of assistance are allocated to people affected by the war; migrants and refugees. Refugees from the occupied territories who are living in Zhytomyr and Berdichev are also included in the feeding program. Some of them come and get lunches themselves. Volunteers bring meals to people living in the dormitories. Refugees receive food packages, detergents, and personal hygiene items on a regular basis.  

Because of the war, food prices became much higher. The average cost of a meal today is $2.32 per meal. This is double what it was costing us before the war.  

We have also been providing humanitarian aid to hospitals in the regions.  

We are very grateful to you, our friends and supporters, who make this work possible. Your partnering with us has made it possible to provide help to those in need despite the constant shelling and air raids. We thank you for participating in this humanitarian work.  

Dr. Michael Schiffman
Executive Director, Chevra USA
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